Distant Worlds Expedition

by ianrandmckenzie

After a lot of hype, the Distant Worlds Expedition by KiwiSlider has finally begun. I got my KiwiBrand explorer kit and have set out on my way. Here is the kit that Kiwi gave to all participants:


To kick off my journey, I wrote, of course, a poem to commemorate the occasion:


So far, I have found many interesting places throughout spawn. Most of it all in ruins, but some things still in-tact... for now. I won't post too much in this timeline as far as my findings go. Most are not very noteworthy, and likely wouldn't be of much interest to anyone. If I find something notable, I will update this post later.

As the journeys progressed, Kiwi gave us a task once we were out in the 300k+ range: create something for someone to find. I decided to transform a cave into a cozy little place to write my books. Being the uncreative person that I am at the time of this writing, I simply opted to call it "Scribe's Hole."


Another cool thing about this event, is Kiwi was kind enough to let us all have a souvenir banner. This beautifully designed banner almost perfectly matched the "landing site" for the beginning of the expedition!

Server Name: Constantiam
Server Address: constantiam.net
Server Website: https://constantiam.net

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