Help Keep Enderbook Free

Written: January 8, 2021

Hi, I'm Ian, creator of Enderbook. People assume that because I am a web developer that I make boatloads of cash. While this is certainly true for many web developers, I spend a considerable amount of my day making sure that my schizophrenia symptoms and the side-effects from my medication don't make me completely useless. As of the date of me writing this, I make about 50% of what I need to not spiral into debt. On months that I make a sale for a website, that bumps up to 100% or more, which is great.

I'm not trying to craft a sob story here, that's just my reality, and I have no complaints. That being said, I am always exploring other avenues of ensuring my financial security in a way that makes the most sense for my mental health and the limitations created from ensuring good mental health.

It would be lovely if Enderbook could help do that. I love this website, and if you do too, let's make sure it stays online and that its best features are available for everyone. I abhor ads on websites with a large audience of minors and the disgusting things that have happened to our society to appease digital advertising efficiency. I'd sooner shut this site down than display ads.

There are certainly non-advertising opportunities for monetizing this website that I may explore at a later date, but for now, the best way to tell me to keep working on this site is to provide any and all positive and creative feedback to me.