Server Name: Constantiam
Server Address: constantiam.net
Server Website: https://constantiam.net

Constantiam Join Date: July 2nd, 2019 on alt named wilfree6969

Known alts:
  • wilfree6969
  • wilfreelovesyou
  • VoteWilfree
  • cumguzzler380

Favorite Constantiam moments:
  • Nothing Happened at -1500 -1500
  • CuBoyd Biome Summer 2020

Known associated players:
  • CuBoyd
  • Curlminion

Archivist's notes:
  • Fairly well known in the community
  • Ran for 2021 presidency
  • Has revealed publicly IRL details that he is male and in college studying graphic design
  • Generally a well-behaved person that doesn't easily get sucked into toxic Minecraft anarchist behaviors